Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Greet like?

A Greet is a walk, lead by a volunteer, that lasts between two to three hours. There are no strict rules about what a Greet should look like. Every Greet will be arranged according to the interests and mood of the Greeter and the interests of the guests. 


How much does a Greet cost?

A greet is free of charge. Greeters are volunteers and do this because they want to share their love of their city with you. If you would like to show your appreciation in a monetary way, a donation to the Bonner Spendenparlament would be most appreciated. See "donate" button at the bottom of this site. 


How long before my arrival should I request a Greet?

You should request your Greet at least two weeks before your arrival. The earlier you send your request and desired dates, the greater the chances we will find you a suitable Greeter. 


How do you find the right Greeter for me?

Based on the information you provide us when requesting a Greet, we try to find the best possible Greeter for you. As soon as the greeter confirms the request, we will send you the necessary contact information. And then it is up to you to make contact with “your” greeter. In case we cannot find a fitting Greeter, we will send you a cancellation.


How do I contact my Greeter?

As soon as we have found a suitable Greeter, you will receive via email your Greeter's name and contact details so that you can make arrangements for the Greet date, time and place of meeting. From that moment on, guest and Greeter are on their own.


What is the maximum size of a group?

All of our Greeters are volunteers and follow an individual and spontaneous “walk with a friend” philosophy. This is why we limit the group size to a maximum of six persons.