Come as a guest, leave as a friend

Our motto is „Komm als Gast, gehe als Freund“ which, loosely translated, means „come as a guest and leave as a friend“. Bonn citizens are waiting to share their Bonn with you, a city with over 2000 years of history.

There is a reason John le Carré* chose Bonn as the setting for his fifth novel, naming both the city and his book A Small Town in Germany. Bonn has much to offer: history, culture, art, architecture and nature. 

But there’s so much more. What about the things that you don't read about in travel guides or see with an official city tour…the personal side of the city that only someone who has lived in the city has knowledge of. You can experience this unofficial side of Bonn when you meet with a Bonn Greeter.

Bonn Greeters welcome you and share with you their Bonn – their history, their experiences, and perhaps their neighbourhood, or their favourite café. A Greet lasts about two to three hours and can include a walk, a pause on a park bench, a coffee break in a local café, a stroll through a cemetery.

Bonn is a multi-faceted city: it is located on the Rhein river and nestled by the Siebengebirge (Seven Hills); it is the birthplace of Beethoven and home to the yearly Beethoven Festival; it is the former capital city of Germany (from 1949 to 1999); it is the birth place of Haribo Gummi Bears; it is Germany’s United Nations city host to 19 UN organisations; it is a university town with 35,000 students and 550 professors; it is the headquarters for stock-exchange enlisted companies Deutsche Post / DHL and Deutsche Telecom as well as Germany’s international broadcaster Deutsche Welle with programs in 30 languages.

Come and spend some time with a Bonn Greeter. Enjoy the walk, the cultural exchange, the anecdotes…the friendship.

 *From 1961 to 1963 John le Carré was deputy embassy counsellor in Bonn.